Monday, February 23, 2009

Joseph C. STINSON of Buckingham

The family of Joseph C. and Mary Jane STINSON of Buckingham County, Virginia are on pages 139-141 of "So Obscure A Person.” "Memoirs of Buckingham County and Along the James" by Emily Maxey Jenkins, 1985, lists some additional children for this family: John STINSON who never married, and Lee STINSON who retired as an Army officer. In addition, one daughter who never married was known as "Aunt Puss," smoked a corn cob pipe and was an old maid. That is news you can use.

Joseph S. Stinson of Buckingham

Joseph S. STINSON and his wife of Buckingham County, Virginia are on page 164 of "So Obscure A Person.” I listed only one child for them. On the 1880 Census at James River District, I see additional children for them: Lillian STINSON, born about 1875; Clide STINSON, born about 1877; and a baby girl born 1879.

This same family appears on page 245 of "Memoirs of Buckingham County and Along the James" by Emily Maxey Jenkins, 1985, with children Parrish STINSON and Clyde Milton STINSON.

Ms. Jenkins' book has Clyde STINSON married to Edna Clive PAYNE of Buckingham County with daughters Mary and Christine STINSON. Clyde was a veteran of the Spanish-American War and died during the 1918 influenza epidemic. She includes a portrait of Clyde's wife and daughters.

UPDATE March 2009, Clyde Johnson wrote me at Facebook:

"I was adopted by Mary Stinson Johnson in 1952. I remember her sister Christine. Edna lived with us and passed away at our house in 1967. I have a portrait of Clyde.

"I only know as far back as Clyde and Edna Stinson and they were from Buckingham. These were my grandparents. I do know Clyde died in 1918 from the flu epidemic. Edna remarried Gordon Gentry I believe. My mother Mary Stinson Johnson lived in Richmond VA. Her sister Christine Stinson Rynerson lived in Washington DC. They had one child Charlotte."