Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jesse and Eliza TONEY of Buckingham

I have received information from a reader who has found his grandmother on page 97 of "So Obscure A Person” as "Eliza TONEY," implied daughter of Cary and Martha STINSON of Buckingham County, Virginia. His Buckingham County, Virginia grandmother had told him that her grandmother was an Eliza Irvine STINSON who married Jesse F. TONEY. "Jesse F and Elisa TONEY" appear on the 1850 Census of Buckingham County, Virginia, with a family of children, ages 1 to 16 years. "Elisa TONEY" was born about 1820 and, if all of the children are hers, it implies that she and Jesse married about 1834, according to their births.

The children in their household of 1850, were descendants of the first Alexander STINSON of Buckingham County, Virginia. Their names were:
  • Martha J Toney F 16y
  • John O Toney M 14y
  • Samuel E Toney M 12y
  • William F Toney M 10y
  • Penella Toney F 9y
  • Stephen W Toney M 7y
  • George M Toney M 6y
  • James Toney M 5y
  • Ann E Toney F 1y
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