Monday, November 13, 2017


On pages 5 through 7, of my family history of the STINSONS, So Obscure A Person, I discussed the STINSON family legend of a kidnapping regarding our immigrant ancestor Alexander STINSON. The legend first surfaced in the following clipping from "Southern Kith and Kin" by Jewel Davis Scarborough, page 366, published 1958. Recently, I was excited to learn of another family history written in the 1940s which corroborates the Georgia family's "Kidnapped" story. It is from a family of STINSONS of Tennessee and Texas that had originated in Buckingham County, Virginia. Incidentally, the Mary Jane STINSON and her husband, Isaac TATOM mentioned in the clipping below, appear on pages 58, 59, of my genealogy book.

Stinsons in 1809 Buckingham County

On the 1809 Buckingham County Personal Property Tax List we find: "STINSON Phoebe" (0 tithe 1 slave 11 March); "STINSON Archer" (1 tithe 0 slave); "STINSON Cary" (1 tithe 4 slaves); STINSON Stephen (1 tithe 0 slave); STINSON David (1 tithe 3 slaves); STINSON Jno (1 tithe 0 slave); STINSON Alexander (1 tithe 0 slaves); STINSON Asa E (1 tithe 0 slaves); STINSON James SC (1 tithe 1 slave).

For more details about these Stinsons of Buckingham County, Virginia, see "So Obscure A Person” by Edna Barney.