Thursday, February 10, 2011

Robert STINSON, Abbeville, Alabama

Robert STINSON was born 12 May 1862, and died at the advanced age of 82, on 10 July 1944, at Abbeville, Henry County, Alabama, according to his death record. His parents and his ancestry back to Alexander STINSON of Buckingham, Virginia are documented on page 100 of "So Obscure A Person."

James STINSON of Alabama

I have received the following email, which I will answer below:
Edna, I found info about your book on the Buckingham Va Stinsons. I am looking for information about a James Stinson who was born in 1803 in Va. He may have lived in South Carolina for a while, but he settled in Pickens Co, Al where I have found him in 1840, 1850, and 1860. He married Nancy Cotton, daughter of Abner Cotton, in 1836 in Nohubee, Miss. He was a cotton broker, along with Drury Miller, my husband’s 2gtgrandfather’s brother, and a James Chalmers. He may have been related to Robert Stinson who lived in Lancaster/Kershaw SC ( married to Martha George). Any help with this man’s identity would be greatly appreciated. I am not finding much..
ANSWER: Carol - I do not know about this James STINSON (1803-p1860), nor the Robert STINSON of South Carolina. They may be descendants of the STINSONs from Buckingham County who went to Wilkes County, Georgia. "The Lincoln County, Georgia Land Lottery of 1805, listed Archibald STINSON, Joseph STINSON, Alexander TINSON and the orphans of Edmund ADCOCK." These people are cited beginning on page 79, through Generation 3, of my STINSON genealogy - "So Obscure A Person.”

Perhaps someone reading here may be able to give you some clues or information. For example, please see this previous comment about a STINSON family of North Alabama:  September 1, 2009 10:34 PM