Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Hoopers of Frome, Somersetshire

Church of Saint John the Baptist
Hooper Parish Church
The HOOPER ancestors and cousins of the STINSONs of Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia, were recorded at the Parish Church of Saint John the Baptist in old England. They appear on pages 176 through 194, of "So Obscure A Person,” under "The Hooper Excursus." This image of the HOOPER's English church is from the 1895 publication of "The Cabells and Their Kin" by Alexander Brown. The CABELLS were cousins of the HOOPERS, the CARRINGTONS and the STINSONS.

The ancient parish church of the HOOPERS is located on Bath Street, in Frome and continues to be used for Anglican worship. It was founded in 685 AD by Saint Aldhelm and the present building was constructed in the middle ages on a Saxon site. Although it was restored in the mid-19th Century and a choir vestry added, there have been no substantial additions to it since the 15th Century. The architecture is a mixture of Norman, medieval and Gothic.

If you are curious as to how to pronounce the name of your ancestral home, here it is: Frome - the Audio.