Sunday, September 16, 2012

Minnie Frances Stinson of Buckingham

Fourteen-year-old MINNIE FRANCES STINSON and some of her siblings appear with their widowed father David W. STINSON on the 1900 Census at Marshall in Buckingham County, Virginia. The children were WILLIAM D. STINSON, born September 1874; JAMES P. STINSON born February 1876; JENNIE E. STINSON born June 1877; MARTHA S. STINSON born February 1879; GEORGE W. STINSON born February 1880; WILEY G. STINSON born June 1884; and MINNIE F. STINSON born April 1886.

The parents of MINNIE FRANCES STINSON appear on pages 143 through 147 of "So Obscure A Person” where their lineage is traced back to ALEXANDER STINSON of Colonial Virginia.

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