Sunday, February 10, 2013

Louisa Stinson's Six Sons

The Mystery of Mary Louisa STINSON

Mother "Luisia STINSON" first appears on the 1860 census at Buckingham Courthouse, Virginia, as a seamstress and implied single mother with four young sons, Robert STINSON, Samuel STINSON, Charles M. STINSON and James STINSON. On marriage documents, the two older of these sons later gave their father as Thomas STINSON.  On the birth record of her son Charles STINSON, only his mother, Louisa STINSON, was recorded. It appears that Louisa or Mary Louisa STINSON was never married to Thomas STINSON or anyone else, because she was always described as "Single" in lieu of "Widowed" or "Married" in the census records. Her two youngest children, John STINSON (born about 1862) and Edward STINSON, appear as her sons on succeeding censuses. Edward STINSON was born in Virginia in September 1871, and in 1896, he married Eva who was born December 1872, in Virginia. In 1910, Buckingham County, Virginia, "Mother Mary L. STINSON" was living in the household of her son John STINSON and his family. Mary Louisa was not with him in 1920, and I have found no death record for her.

A Louisa STINSON appears with her STINSON parents on page 101, of "So Obscure A Person” descended from Alexander STINSON of Buckingham County, Virginia.

This post is updated from 6/15/2014 because of discoveries of new information.


FreddieB said...

Mary Louisa Stinson, was the daughter of Thomas Bryant Stinson and Susan Price Stinson. She was born August 15 1831 in Buckingham. She appears on the 1850 census living with her father. Susan Price Stinson Died in 1848. Mary Louisa Stinson died August 5 1916 in Buckingham. She was living with her son John Kary Stinson at the time of her death. John Kary Stinson and his wife Alice Ragland Stinson Both Died in 1920 Leaving their children Ressie, Albert and Edna as Orphans. Edna the youngest went to live with Thomas and Margret Ragland The other two Not sure where they went right away. Ressie maried Glen Addicott in Pennsylvania.

Edna Barney said...

Hi Freddie. Thanks for posting. I do not know anything about Susan Price Stinson - have never found anyone of the name connected to this family. At Ancestry, there are no less than ten pedigrees with Susan Price married to Thomas B. Stinson of Buckingham, Virginia, with not one of them giving any documentation of the marriage or even that Susan Price ever lived in Buckingham County.

Edna Barney said...

Freddie Bennett -- There is a family of PRICE on the 1840/1850 censuses of Buckingham County of age to be parents of your Susan PRICE. On the 1840 Census, Charles PRICE had four women in his household. On the 1850 Census, Charles PRICE, age 74, Blacksmith, had only presumed wife Elizabeth in his household.